Endless Swimming Pool Installer, Certikin Wooden Frame Pools Installer, Fastlane® Supplier, UK


Endless Swimming Pool and Certikin Wooden Frame Pools installer and Fastlane® supplier. Andy Cavaliere founded Endless Pool Installations in 1999 to help Endless Pool and Fastlane® customers in need of pool installation, maintenance, repair and service assistance. We also supply, install, repair and maintain Fastlane® units, the swim current generator for existing swimming pools. We now also build Certikin Wooden Frame Pools, into which the Fastlane® pools can installed.

To date, we have installed over 350 swimming pools of various sizes and complexity thoughout the UK, Ireland and Spain. Endless Pool installations can also be carried out elsewhere in Europe.

When installing an Endless Pool, we can complete all qualified work required for assembly, including all plumbing requirements. We are also available to provide you with Endless Pool and Fastlane® maintainence services - spares are always in stock for repairs and maintenance.



Find out what our Endless Pool installation service includes, our maintenance service, what is not included and what an Endless Pool Installer is and what he does.


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Endless Pool Installation

  1. What does the assembly include?
    - Assemble the steel walls
    - Install the liner
    - Complete through-wall connections for the hydraulic lines
    - Install the stainless steel benches and propulsion unit
    - Fill the pool to bench level with water
    - Connect hydraulic hoses
    - All Plumbing requirements
  2. Maintenance
    We are also available to provide you with Endless Pool and Fastlane® maintainence and repair services - spares are always readily in stock.
  3. What is not included in the assembly?
    - Site preparation
    - Permit acquisition
    - Delivery to job site
    - Travel expenses
    - Optional assembly items (retractable security cover, corner steps, grab bars, etc.)
    - Electrics
    - Insulation
    - Start-up and follow-up visits
    - Finish work (coping, skirting, decking, etc.)
    - Soil removal and landscape work


  1. "Andy is knowledgeable, pleasant and VERY helpful. He makes every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible if you call him, and sorts out any queries or problems efficiently and without undue fuss. We like him very much; unfortunately we don’t really have enough problems in order to see him more often! He has a horse, and is a thoroughly good guy! Best wishes."

    Jackie R. and Jerry M., London
  2. "Andy was very knowledgeable about Endless Pools and efficient at installing them. In addition, the ability to call him when I was unsure about something the pool was doing (or not doing) after the installation was incredibly useful. He was always very resourceful and tried to find a solution to the problems as they arose rather than simply saying it was a problem. I would highly recommend using Andy and would be happy to provide a reference by phone or email if anyone would like one. The cost of using Andy to install the pool was money well spent because even though the Endless Pools videos and instruction manuals were extremely good, his practical knowledge was time saving and invaluable."

    Karl T., Essex
  3. "Installation was completely hassle-free, one phone call to Mr. Cavaliere to confirm the date and he completely took over the installation. It was done most efficiently and we have had absolutely no problems with the pool ever since. Mr. Cavaliere is definitely a walk in, walk out operation. He was most helpful and had obviously done a large number of installations, as he was able to make positive suggestions, which have proved successful. I would highly recommend him to anybody thinking of a trouble-free installation."

    Roy H., Chinley
  4. "We were delighted to use Andy for the installation of our Endless Pool. He was very efficient and put the inexperienced builders' minds at rest. He was also very competent and a delightful chap to have around. We have no hesitation in recommending him."

    David and Rebecca L., Somerton